I love stories. They are everywhere.

They're in the cup of coffee I drink, in the songs I listen to, they're in the annoying advertisement on Youtube, they're in the latest magazine cover, they're even in that candy bar wrapper I threw away to the bin.

Sometimes there are just too many stories going on everywhere, it felt like my head would explode if I don't put them down on paper.

Gegimei is a name I created for one of my characters back when I was in high school. That story never saw the light of day, but the name stayed with me, and now Gegimei became the storyteller that's been creating a world of her own where all the fictional characters she created lives and create their own stories.

Gegimei's journey had only just begun, there are still so many things she needs to learn. She enjoys it so much and currently still experimenting with the endless themes that she can get her head around.

Some may work. Some may not. But to be a writer, for Gegimei, it matters not the destination, so long as she enjoys the ride.

This website was created to provide links to Gegimei's stories that are available online. It was exciting to put other features in which you can browse, you can also leave your comments or questions for Gegimei in the box provided.

She will surely reply when she's available. She's not very social and has a dark sense of humor, but within that black heart of hers, she's pretty nice ... sometimes :)

Thank you for visiting this site.

I hope you like it and find what you are looking for, if you haven't, I suggest you keep looking :)

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